Baby Ezekiel Has Been Freed!

Delight in Truth


After 4.5 months of forced placement in a foster home, on the day he turned 8 months old, Ezekiel Bodnariu was released to his parents.

What sense is there in keeping the other Bodnariu children from coming home?

Pavla Jansova wrote eloquently:

„Baby Ezekiel will return home. The judge should not make such a decision, unless he(she) was completely sure, that the baby is completely safe at home. If the most vulnerable member of the family is safe, then all the other children are safe as well. From that reason it is clear, that there were no reasons for taking the children away the way CPS did and isolating the girls for months, isolating the siblings from each other and other family members and causing a huge trauma on the whole family.
I am very curious what official reason will be for returning the baby, increasing visit to the boys…

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