A diagnosis for Norway…?

That explains some realities hard to understand by people abroad who are scandalized by Barnevernet’s doings, while many Norwegians still believe all is well in the best of the worlds: their (immature? vicious? too liberal? too self centered?) society.

I quote from The Ethics of Brexit, a paper
by WILLIAM SCHWEIKER, in Sightings,  JUNE 30, 2016

„Particularism, in the context of ethics, is the claim that each particular community has its own specific set of moral values—what we think is good or just or proper in religious, sexual and economic relations. Members of a community are socialized into its particular beliefs and values. The emphasis, morally speaking, is on distinctive identities: ethnic, religious, or cultural.

This means that criticism of beliefs and values must be made internal to a community, e.g., outsiders do not have the perspective needed to make valid criticisms. One also cannot rightly criticize other communities. One might ignore, tolerate, seek to convert, or conquer another community, but valid criticism of others is not possible. Nor can one’s own moral values be rightly criticized by others.”

Many thanks to M. Manastireanu., blog Persona, for signaling this  very interesting paper.



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