So sorry to read such things, again

„Yesterday I was contacted by a Norwegian woman who was trying to help an immigrant. She had both written an article (it will be published in a little while), and she wanted to discuss with me what else could be done and how she could help her new friend.

This immigrant lady from the Middle East had several children.

They have all been taken by Barnevernet. There have been several rounds of County Committee and Court cases.

Each time every one of the children says “I want to go home to mummy”.

They have stood in court and cried and begged and they incessantly tell their carers the same. Nobody in the CC or the courts or in Barnevernet or among their paid helpers pays any attention.

The children’s love is despised and denigrated by Norwegian society. – These children are to be Norway’s next grown-up generation?”

Prof Marianne Skanland

Comment on „Delight in Truth”


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