Should T. apologize…?

„When someone lays down their life for their nation in the service of their military the only thing you SHOULD be saying to the parents of that hero are, “I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. If there is anything, anything at all I can do to relieve your suffering, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am here for you.” And say it like you mean it. If I know they are open to it I also might send a card later that says, “May the peace of God which passes all understanding come into your heart and mind and fill you with the knowledge and joy that your child is at peace and with God and that one day you will be re-united in love.”

What you don’t do is mock them because you despise their faith, even though they died for YOU. And what you don’t do is mock their parents because in their grief they said something that might piss YOU off. And what you don’t do is compare your pissant sacrifice, whatever it is, with the loss of a child who died serving YOU.

Can you imagine anything more churlish and rude than to criticize someone whose child died for YOUR SAKE?

So yeah, the ONLY thing Trump should be doing is throwing himself on his sword and begging those parents for forgiveness. Otherwise, what have HIS family done, other than pose naked in a jerk-off magazine for men or gun down a helpless elephant and cut off his tail? Now THERE are REAL sacrifices for the nation.”


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