Caligula, again

From a blogger in Quora:

During the GWB Administration the unwritten motto of the Bush State Department was the same as that of Caligula of Rome: “Oderint dum Metuant” – Let Them Hate So Long As They Fear. At the time Bush believed that the US was strong enough to deal with any threat and that he could squash it like a cockroach. As Bush discovered, cockroaches are not that easy to kill. Bush was most certainly feared – but he was not respected anywhere in the world. Does anyone remember the episode where Bush molested Angela Merkel on live television? Was that a proud day for American respect?

What, then, can we expect from Trump? Will he engender respect by abrogating important and long standing treaties? Will he earn respect by pulling the rug out from our NATO allies at a critical point when Turkey is turning toward Putin? Will he earn respect when he turns a blind eye to any Putin transgression in the Ukraine or the Baltic? Does he earn respect when he is so ignorant of world affairs that he doesn’t realize the Crimea was a part of the Ukraine invaded by Putin? Does his constant lying and inability to stick to policy without changing it mid-sentence earn any kind of trust by our Allies?

It seems highly unlikely that Trump would earn anything but the derision of leaders and people all over the world. A man risked his life to throw shoes at Bush to show his disrespect. I can’t even imagine the horror of people all over the world if Trump is elected.

But would he be feared?

Yes. The entire world would be in total terror of the erratic and eccentric actions of Trump behind the wheel of a nuclear behemoth like the US. Based on his words, I would expect Trump to:

  • immediately move 30,000 troops into Iraq with ensuing combat and deaths, causing further instability and rage in the Muslim world
  • acquiesce on any action Putin wants to take in Syria
  • acquiesce on any violence, sabotage or outright invasion Putin employs in the Ukraine
  • acquiesce on any mischief, sabotage, cyberwarfare that Putin employs on the Baltic
  • remove all sanctions on Russia — the Republican Platform already calls for weakening them based on Trump’s insistence
  • antagonize Iran to the point that they abrogate the Obama Iran Nuclear deal and re-start their nuclear program
  • threaten wide-scale bombing of Iran and possibly carrying it out
  • threatening NATO allies if they don’t pay the US billions in extortion fees
  • turning Mexico even further against the US and hurting trade
  • nuclear weapons use against ISIS
  • step up torture of the guilty and the innocent alike

There’s no way to tell where his recklessness will lead us but it will be feared the way an errant 2 ton cannon is feared when it parts its breeches and rolls uncontrolled across the crowded deck of a Man of War.

The world will be rightfully terrified. I will be also, and ashamed to be an American. Again.

By Jay Bazzinotti

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