What really matters

The following lines were written by a rather forgotten Christian scientist, missionary, teacher and mystic, the American Quaker Thomas R. Kelly, who died in 1941, at 47 years.

I think they offer a higher point of vue for considering what happened today in the USA.

“The secular world of today values and cultivates only the first level (of our mental life), assured that there is where the real business of mankind is done, and scorns, or smiles in tolerant amusement, at the cultivation of the second level – a luxury enterprise, a vestige of superstition, an occupation for special temperaments. But in a deeply religious culture men know that the deep level of prayer and (divine attendance) service is the most important thing in the world. It is at this deep level that the real business of life is determined.

(…) Between the two levels there is fruitful interplay… For the religious man is forever bringing all affairs of the first level down into the Light, holding them there in the Presence, reseeing them and the whole of the world of men and things in a new and overturning way, and responding to them in spontaneous, incisive and simple ways of love and faith. Facts remain facts, when brought into the Presence in the deeper level, but their value, their significance, is wholly realigned. Much apparent wheat becomes utter chaff, and some chaff becomes wheat.

Imposing powers? They are out of the Life, and must crumble. Lost causes? If God be for them, who can be against them? Rationally plausible futures? They are weekened or certified in the dynamic Life and Light. Tragic suffering? Already He is there, and actively move, in His tenderness, towards the sufferers.”


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