Up Close with Abbot Thomas Keating

The Mystical Path

Photograph of Abbot Thomas Keating OCSO. Abbot Thomas Keating OCSO The following two-part video contains a rare interview where Abbot Thomas Keating talks about his personal background and the mystical transformation he went through prior to entering the religious life. The interview covers many other things that relate to contemplation or meditation and the spiritual journey. It is an excellent introduction to Abbot Keating and his work. You can learn more about him and his teaching here at our Web site.

I had the grace and blessing of meeting him in person a number of times. In terms of my spiritual unfoldment, he holds the distinction of being the only living human person from whom I have directly received spiritual instruction and guidance. Other spiritual teachers have worked with me from the unseen dimensions of life.

I hope you get the opportunity to meet him in person. He is a very noble soul and a…

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