„Without thinking or feeling some emotion,
there is just awareness. There is then no desire
for bliss, enlightenment, or to teach others. Things
are just as they are. In that so-called emptiness,
enjoyment arises of itself. As soon as we try to
enjoy, the enjoyment ceases. Somehow at the
bottom of emptiness (openness, pure awareness),
there is enjoyment, fullness, presence and peace.
Bring the same emptiness and freedom to each
moment and its content. Then you will be happy
even in the midst of suffering. Accept everything
and everyone just as they are, where they are, and
try to act as lovingly as possible in every situation.
Be ready to be led you know not where or when.
Hush the discriminating mind dividing things into
good or evil for me.
Fear draws us to the center we have created, the ego
self. Love expands from our real center, the true self.
One feels the pain of others and must reach out
to help them even if they are unaware of their pain.
But one is content and at peace because one does
not discriminate. The true self is all the colors of the rainbow
and must expand to experience the whole of one’s
being. One is not limited to one or two colors. One
need not reject any color, but is to become all of
them. The more colors one manifests, the more one
manifests the Light that we are and the Light that
we share. Ladders and stages suggest leaving behind
the previous rung or stage. One rather adds new
dimensions to what one is, like a tree adds rings.
Take and accept yourself just as you are, where you
are. If you are aggressive, lustful, fearful, or shy and
passive, notice your feelings before, during, and after
each incident, without emotional reactions of blame,
shame, anger or discouragement. Let God work with
your faults and limitations. Just recognize them and
be with them, without trying to correct them directly.
As you watch them, feel them, and accept them, their
force and exaggeration will gradually diminish. Keep
moving to the center of your being where divine love
is and be present to and welcome whatever bodily
feeling or emotion that is happening. The present
moment contains all we need to be happy.”
-Thomas Keating


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