Timothy Snyder on Tyranny in the 20th Century


Professor Timothy Snyder talked about lessons learned from the rise of tyrannical regimes in several countries in the 20th century, as well as how those lessons could be applicable in the present.
„History does not repeat, but it does instruct”.
„In politics, being deceived is no excuse” (Leszek Kulakovski)
Subtitles that can be taken as a piece of advice. Very precious… and common sense.
  1. Do not obey in advance
  2. Defend institutions.
  3. Beware the one party state
  4. Take responsibility for the face of the world.
  5. Remember professional ethics.
  6. Be wary of paramilitaries
  7. Be reflective if you must be armed.
  8. Stand out
  9. Be kind to our language
  10. Believe in truth
  11. Investigate
  12. Make eye contact and small talk
  13. Practice corporeal politics
  14. Establish a private life
  15. Contribute to good causes
  16. Learn from peers in ather countries
  17. Listen for dangerous words
  18. Be calm when the unthinkable arrives
  19. Be a patriot
  20. Be as courageous as you can…

Cartea a fost deja tradusa în romana. Cf http://www.lapunkt.ro/2018/05/info-timothy-snyder-pamantul-negru-holocaustul-ca-istorie-si-avertisment/

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