Avem pentru ce ne ruga

Trump si Putin au puterea de a pune capat lumii, in orice clipa.

Apasând un buton.

In mod calculat, sau din greseala. Cel putin unul din ei e un impulsiv, lipsit de capacitatea de a privi lucrurile rational si de a actiona cu o calma determinare…

„Ajutorul nostru de la Domnul/Care a facut cerul si pamântul”

The Guardian

‘Trump and Putin could end the world today’


The ever-present possibility of an unintended or unforeseen conflict flaring up increases fears among defence analysts over how Trump might respond without experienced figures like Mattis at his side.

“President Trump has yet to be faced with a true international crisis,” said Alexandra Bell, a senior policy director at the Centre for Arms Control and Non-proliferation. “His behaviour and actions give little hope that he’ll react to pressure with calm resolve.”

Bell pointed out that under the US command and control system, there is no institutional brake on Trump ordering a nuclear launch.

“The world must also come to grips with the fact that we have placed an inordinate amount of faith in the ability of individual leaders to behave rationally. By choice or miscalculation, President Trump and President Putin could end the world today and there’s little any of us could do to stop them. What’s worse is that’s the way we designed it.”

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