„The Color of compromise”

Emma Green in the Atlantic, January 29, 2019
About „The Color of Compromise” by JEMAR TISBY 


„Many conservative Christian denominations have spent the past several years reckoning with their legacy of white supremacy. The darkest parts of American history are full of Christian characters, including scores of pastors and theologians. A number of still-existing denominations, among them the Southern Baptist Convention and the Presbyterian Church in America, were first formed to defend slavery. Some well-respected Christian scholars dedicated their lives to rationalizing racial hierarchies with the Bible. And terrorist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan claimed an explicitly Protestant identity, with some pastors openly supporting their cause.”

„Repenting for the sins of forefathers is much easier than recognizing the racism embedded in religious institutions and cultures today, however. In The Color of Compromise, the writer Jemar Tisby challenges the notion that white supremacy is merely a legacy, and not a present reality, in the Church. “Christian complicity with racism in the 21st century looks different than complicity with racism in the past,” he argues. “It looks like Christians responding to black lives matter with the phrase all lives matter. It looks like Christians consistently supporting a president whose racism has been on display for decades.” Perhaps, he writes, “Christian complicity in racism has not changed much after all.” „



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