„Does Donald Trump attend church regularly?” _ an answer


My parents went to the same church as Donald Trump in New York. The pastor was Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the book, The Power of Positive Thinking. Christianity is a big tent. Trump is many things. Being a Christian is one of them. We might say that Donald Trump is a Christian who became a real estate developer who got mixed up with mobsters both domestic and foreign, lies a lot, cheats people, was packaged into being a reality TV star who became President of the United States. He’s not a big church goer. He prefers golf. Trump is a Christian. But Trump is one of the most Un-Christlike people around. Trump is a kind of psychotic Christian dictator.

My dad fought in World War II and had PTSD. He was on a battleship that provided close support for the invasion of Okinawa. He yelled a lot. He became a bit more mellow toward the end of his life. He lived to be 90. Maybe Donald Trump will become more mellow if he is around 20 years from now.

At a recent prayer breakfast, the theme was forgiveness. Trump took the opportunity to attack his political enemies, particularly calling out Mitt Romney who voted to convict Trump on impeachment charges. Trump avoided conviction because the jury was rigged. Many of those Republicans are church goers. Hypocrites all. And I say that as a born again Evangelical Christian who is a registered Republican in Arizona.

Trump is a complex mess.

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