„The constant benefactor”


From the first part of this interview:


God is the Supreme being. The Supreme Soul. The ocean of love. The ocean of peace. The ocean of purity. The constant benefactor. The omni-present one. The purifier of souls.

And if I can understand and accept that God is the supreme energetic soul energy. And when I think of God at that level of understanding… that interpretation, the vibration that enters my system becomes influenced by my understanding that the vibrations of God are so pure and unlimited.

That helps me to represent God in that unlimited way. So, for me, God is such a powerful supreme being.

He’s not Jewish, he’s not Christian, he’s not Muslim, He’s not Hindu. Don’t let me get started on God. It’s my heart. It’s everything for me. It’s the light, it’s the energy of life. The more we can remember God, the more we will become God-like. 

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