Sketches with a soul

„Drawing is about understanding and reflecting through your own mind, eye and hand the reality around you.”

„Out of depression or The Negative Island.
Depression – as far as I can understand it – sends you to your own, interior island, all dark and hopeless.To get to this island, you fall.This island is closest than the corner of this very room, however it is the farthest island possible.
The Island has smooth, transparent, inverse walls. Concrete. You are completely isolated. Alone. The flow of life goes on around you, but has no meaning and brings no joy anymore.
After ages of darkness you notice some faint light up above, and with infinite patience you start to climb stairs, cross obscure labyrinths, jump above black pits and walk up, always up, along endless corridors and step after step the faint light grows somehow brighter and brighter and ooops, all of a sudden here you are, you feel again the breeze and the sun and the Negative Island is smaller and smaller and finally you are Out of Depression.”

…art expresses sentiments, and if architecture is not art, than what it is?

the architecture draftsman
Two types of drawings flow and get strength from each other. The imaginary architectures explore the expressiveness of architectural space free of the regular constraints of actual buildings. They aren’t simply drawings – but Architectures waiting to become real. The drawings of our own world, with its streets, trees and clouds. Exploring reality through drawing is an amazing, empowering intellectual experience that literally opens one’s eyes. Drawings by Stefan Davidovici, Architect, Milan.

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