In memoriam Claude Steiner, 1935-2017


  1. I. Place love at the center of your emotional life. Heart-centered emotional intelligence empowers everyone it touches.
  2. Love yourself, others and truth in equal parts. Never sacrifice one to the other.

III. Stand up for how you feel and what you want. If you don’t, it is not likely that anyone else will.

  1. Respect the ideas, feelings and wishes of others as much as you do your own.Respecting ideas does not mean that you have to submit to them.
  2. Emotional Literacy requires that you not lie by omission or commission. Except where your safety or the safety of others is concerned, do not lie.
  3. Emotional Literacy requires that you do not power play others. Gently but firmly ask instead for what you want until you are satisfied.

VII. Do not allow yourself to be power played. Gently but firmly refuse to do anything you are not willing to do of your own free will.

IIX. Apologize and make amends for your mistakes. Nothing will make you grow faster.

  1. Do not accept false apologies. They are worth less than no apologies at all.
  2. Follow these commandments according to your best judgment. After all, they are not written in stone.


(c) 1998 Claude M. Steiner PhD.